1. What makes Maxx Mania supplement different than other brands?

Maxx Mania supplement is derived from natural and premium ingredients.

2. Who formulated this products and what is their expertise and experience?

We have a team of animal lovers which consist of cat lovers, animal rescuers, breeders and veterinarian. Based on their expertise and experience, they study and understand the needs of the animals and they always want the best for the animals.

3. Will this supplement interfere with my pets that is on medication?

It is always best to ask your veterinarian before using the supplements and medications concurrently. Most food-based supplements are safe and can be used with many medications. You may ask your holistic veterinarian for advice on combining supplements with medications.

4. Is Maxx Mania 100% natural?

Yes. We are using natural and organic ingredients and required by the animals daily need to sustain their body function. Therefore, our supplements are 100% natural , no growth hormones, no chemical preservatives and no antibiotics.

5. Why my pets refuse to eat when I mixed the supplement in the food?

It depends on the individual, some will immediately accept and some will reject the food for 2-3 days. Thus, we need to slowly introduce the supplements to your pets. Eventually they will accept it.

6. Is this supplement suitable for kitten and puppy?

This supplement is derived from natural sources and there are suitable for all stages of age of animals.

7. Is this safe to give to my pet after surgery or during recovery period?

It is always best to ask your veterinarian before using supplements after surgery. We believe your holistic veterinarian know best the condition during that period of time for your pet after the surgery.

8. How long do I expect to see improvement after feeding Maxx Mania supplement?

Generally speaking, it takes around 2-4 weeks for noticeable changes. It depends on every individual and some may tend to take shorter time. The first thing you will notice is their coat and skin become healthier and the next is their weight.

9. What if they consume more than the recommendation dosage?

First of all, we have to understand what is supplement. Supplements can provide the added nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that will help keep pets thriving, so they can keep up with you and all the adventures you may have together. Thus, we do not recommend to over consume.

10. My pet is a picky eater, how can I get him/her to take a supplement?

You can slowly introduce to your pet. You may consider mixing with wet food and treats that your pet loves. We advise pet parent to mix our supplement with wet food/treats, and their main diet ( BARF or Kibbles) to have a complete and balanced diet for them. Other foods that can help with pet compliance include meats, cheese, dried shrimps, freeze dried food, yogurt, liverwurst, and other varieties to make the food interesting for them.

11. What happen if human/children accidentally consume the supplement?

As this supplement is derived from natural sources, it is safe for human consume.

12. Why would I need a supplement if my pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet?

Today’s pet foods do an admirable job of providing balanced nutrition, but certain animals may be lacking nutrients and ingredients based on their medical condition, age or breed. Supplements can help bridge the gap and help promote better health and maximise their potential overall health and beauty.

13. Are pet supplements made for life-long or should I just use them once in a while?

Our supplements are safe and just a great idea for daily health maintenance. Our supplements can be used for life-long and if you think your pet do not need the supplement as you think your pet’s condition is excellent. You can always continue whenever you feel that your pet are require. You may also consult your holistic veterinarian for advice before you feed the supplement.

14. How can I accurately assess the quality of a pet supplement?

The best way to gauge the quality of a pet supplement is to research the manufacturer and ask questions. Any company providing food, supplements for your pet should be able to answer all questions you may have.